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Insulation Blowers

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Comparison Chart

Honda Engine13.5 HP20 HP20 HP20 HP20 HP24 HP
Hose Outlet Size3"3"3"3-1/2"3-1/2"4"
Roots Positive Displacement Blower33 URAI36 URAI36 URAI36 URAI36 URAI47 URAI
Feeder Size12"12"12"16"16"20"
Hopper Size32 cu ft32 cu ft38 cu ft38 cu ft44 cu ft44 cu ft
Overall Size56" x 48" x 63"H56" x 48" x 63"H68" x 49 x 63"H68" x 49" x 63"H80" x 49 x 63"H80" x 49" x 63"H
WeightApprox. 1000 lbsApprox. 1000 lbsApprox. 1600 lbsApprox. 1600 lbsApprox. 1800 lbsApprox. 1800 lbs

Standard Specs for all Insulation Blowers

  • Built-in Tension Adjusters
  • Shear Bolt Protection
  • Quick Change Rotor Seals
  • Two-Finger Shredder
    • Upgradable to Four-Finger Shredder
  • Sliding Gate
  • 150′ Wired Remote
    • Upgradable to 500′ Wireless Remote
  • Double Clutch
  • Air Control w/ Bleed Off Valve
  • 6.6 US Gallon Gas Tank
  • Top Quality Bearings, Sprockets, Chains, and Belts
  • All Heavy Duty Construction

Insulation Vacuums

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