Experience Comes with Time

About Us

Star Machine certainly had its humble beginnings. The owner of a professional insulation contractor in Oxford, NS had been running his business for just over half a decade, and as he grew and bought more machines, he realized that the machines he was paying for were not up to his standards for the amount of money and time it took to get an insulation blower to rural Nova Scotia in the 1970’s. He started to build his own insulation blower with his own innovations and improvements that he knew would be of benefit to professional insulation contractors because he was one. Word quickly got out that these insulation blowers worked really well, and so Star Machine Limited was born.

Since then we have been making custom insulation machines for professional insulation contractors. We are approaching our 40th year in business, and there are still Star Machines in operation that were built 30 years ago. The word quality is not thrown around with Star Machine – it means something. The Star Machine brand earned every bit of it’s reputation for quality and longevity. It helps that the men who built your machine ten years ago still work with us today and they know every inch of your machine when it comes time to build a replacement part.

We realize that when an insulation blower or insulation vacuum is undergoing maintenance that your business suffers. This is why we work so hard to produce the best machine that we can. We have been described as over-engineered; we take that as a compliment – our machines are designed to work as hard as you do for as long as you do, everyday.

When you call us the first time to learn more about our products, we will ask you a few questions regarding the size of your business, the scale of the jobs you tend to do, and the vehicles you use during your daily operations, among other things. These questions give us an understanding of some preliminary customizations that will be needed to get you a Star Machine that fits your business best. We are a custom shop, and we love a challenge. If you want more power, or a larger hopper just ask, we can make it happen.

Our custom equipment is priced to compete with the “off the shelf” insulation machines available both in Canada and from the United States. Our machines will work harder, and last longer all for a competitive price.