FiberStar 1220/1620


Our FiberStar lineup offers the perfect combination of power at a compact size. That meant redesigning one of our larger more powerful models and making the footprint over 14% smaller. The FiberStar’s compact design it will fit in almost any trailer or truck with ample room to store your insulation material, tools, and everything else you might need on the job.

The FiberStar 1220 is our base model, equipped with a 20 HP Honda Engine and a 12″ feeder. The FiberStar 1620 upgrades the feeder to 16″ for a greater yield.



  • Built-in Tension Adjusters
  • Shear Bolt Protection
  • Quick Change Rotor Seals
  • Two-Finger Shredder
    • Upgradable to Four-Finger Shredder
  • Sliding Gate
  • 150′ Wired Remote
    • Upgradable to 500′ Wireless Remote
  • Double Clutch
  • Air Control w/ Bleed Off Valve
  • 6.6 US Gallon Gas Tank
  • Top Quality Bearings, Sprockets, Chains, and Belts
  • All Heavy Duty Construction
  • 20 HP Honda® Engine
  • 3″ Hose Outlet
  • Roots 36 URAI Positive Displacement Blower
  • 12″ Feeder
  • 38 cu ft Hopper
  • Size 68″ x 49″ x 63″ H
  • 20 HP Honda® Engine
  • 3-1/2″ Hose Outlet
  • Roots 36 URAI Positive Displacement Blower
  • 16″ Feeder
  • 38 cu ft Hopper
  • Size 68″ x 49″ x 63″ H

Optional Upgrades

Four-Finger Shredder System

The Four-Finger Shredder System is the ideal upgrade for fiberglass or rockwool insulation blowing applications. The extra row of shredders help to better aerate the material and maximize the yield from each bag of insulation used saving you up to 10% every time!

Wireless Remote Upgrade

Control your Star Machine Insulation Blower from up to 500′ away with the Wireless Remote Control Upgrade.


Star Machine knife and paddle augers are designed to be aggressive on tightly packed insulation. Our augers break up the product before it enters the shredder system.


All Star Machine Insulation Machines have double finger shredders installed as standard. These shredders work together to separate the insulation material to get you the most coverage.

Housed behind hinged doors at the front of the airlock for easy access while cleaning or during maintenance.

*Optional four-finger shredder available

Comparison Chart

Honda Engine13.5 HP20 HP20 HP20 HP20 HP24 HP
Hose Outlet Size3"3"3"3-1/2"3-1/2"4"
Roots Positive Displacement Blower33 URAI36 URAI36 URAI36 URAI36 URAI47 URAI
Feeder Size12"12"12"16"16"20"
Hopper Size32 cu ft32 cu ft38 cu ft38 cu ft44 cu ft44 cu ft
Overall Size56" x 48" x 63"H56" x 48" x 63"H68" x 49 x 63"H68" x 49" x 63"H80" x 49 x 63"H80" x 49" x 63"H
WeightApprox. 1000 lbsApprox. 1000 lbsApprox. 1600 lbsApprox. 1600 lbsApprox. 1800 lbsApprox. 1800 lbs

* Plus the standard specs listed above for all insulation blowers